12 KOs That Reverberated Around The World & Forever Changed Boxing History

Knockouts That Shaped Boxing’s History

Hasim Rahman KO’s Lennox Lewis in South Africa; dateline 2001.

Sergio Martinez knocks Paul Williams out cold with a punishing overhand left. Few elite championship eras in the modern age are quite so violently delineated by mere nanoseconds…

Muhammad Ali‘s “Phantom Punch KO” vs. Sonny Liston in their 1965 rematch – a fight that will forever be tinged with accusations of mob involvement in fixing a bout by near comical means as Sonny Liston fluffs his lines & loses any chance of even a bit part in the next mob funded film production with a piece of ill-timed, pitiful acting.

Max Schmeling KOs Joe Louis as Germany & the Allied Powers head toward WW2. The first bout of their two bout stanza set the sport of boxing up as a timely metaphor for the century defining social & political Armageddon that was to follow in Europe; Asia; the Pacific & North Africa.

Tommy Hearns Lays Roberto Duran out with a trademark right-hand.

Mike Tyson wins Once & For All as he destroys Michael Spinks in half a round.

Sugar Ray Robinson Lands a “Perfect” Left Hook to win rematch against never floored Gene Fullmer.

George Foreman dismantles Joe Frazier in 2 in Jamaica. Down Goes Frazier!

George Foreman takes out Michael Moore with a punch from the heavens in 1994 to become the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

Julio Cesar Chavez drops Meldrick Taylor to remain undefeated in “one of the most controversial calls in the history of the sport” in 1990.

Ali wins the Rumble in the Jungle with a methodical Rope-a-Dope preambled right vs. George Foreman.

Roy Jones vs. Antonio Tarver IIJones Junior attempted a combination but was tagged by a monstrous counter left hook from The Magic Man that forever ended the aura of invincibility that had surrounded RJJ as he held court as Pound-for-Pound King for near on a decade.

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