East LA Boxing Prospect Free After 20 Years In Jail For A Crime He Never Committed

If you live in California chances are that you have seen Frankie Carillo on TV. He’s the star of the YES on 34 campaign which says no to the death penalty.

Carillo was 16 years old and a boxer when he was charged and found guilty of a murder he never committed.

There was a drive by shooting in Los Angeles and the shooter was a latino with a shaved head.

Los Angeles County Sheriffs had a picture of Carillo on file from a minor violation, taken months before, told witnesses to say he was the shooter.

The witnesses lied in court saying Carillo did the crime, while in fact he was at home with his dad watching TV.

Carillo was send to jail for life. After 20 years of fighting for his freedom he was able to prove his innocence. The witnesses came forward and admitted they lied about him being the shooter.

EsNews reporting caught up with Carillo just days after he got out of jail.