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Manny Pacquiao’s Sparring Partner ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter: I Am 100% Better Than Last Time

 EsNewsReporting caught up with ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter who is in the Philippines training along side Manny Pacquiao.

Check out the interview by our correspondent TontonPapaTV


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Thanks to all who participated in the first EsNewsReporting Giveaway! We asked who do you think is the best P4P boxer , and many of you either said Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Sergio Martinez and many more. We entered each persons name into a raffle and picked two winners.

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Tomasz Adamek: Not Taking Kevin McBride For Granted

Tomasz Adamek and Kevin McBride will get in the ring on April 9th, the  fight will be the main event at Newark’s Prudential Center.

“Fighting Kevin McBride is a good test for me. We had a good camp. I am in the ring with Roger every day. I am six, seven weeks training very hard.  As you know, Roger changed me a lot. I have more movement. When I punch somebody I hit them up. I am more flexible in the ring, I can change. I feel I can fight anybody and win, ” said Adamek

“Size, yes it is very important, but not the best. I’m not short, but when I am fighting I’m moving my head, bending my knees, moving side to side, being flexible, making it hard to touch me.  With every fight I think it gets more difficult to hit me, ” said Adamek

“I do not look past McBride or take him for granted. This is boxing, one punch can change the situation, just one punch can change everything. This is my test before Klitschko. I respect McBride. ”

Adamek shadow boxing - Millenium Photo - Mike Gladysz
Adamek shadow boxing – Millennium Photo, Mike Gladysz

“My weight is natural, now I weigh maybe 215 – 216. I am training hard, 2 times a day. I feel very good, fast when I am at this weight. This is very comfortable for me.”

“Roger says every camp I hit stronger because I am more loose and flexible. When I am more loose I am more dynamic. I think when I hit somebody I can hurt him.”


Adamek at Media Workout - Millenium Photo - Mike Gladysz

Adamek at Media Workout – Millennium Photo, Mike Gladysz

“A lot of people say ‘why do you fight before the Klitschko fight and take a chance?’ You know every fight is a danger, but I can’t stay home and sit with nothing to do. I need to practice. Every day I learn a little bit, and a little bit more, this is my way. It will only help me prepare.”


“The Solis fight was only two minutes, but two times he hit him (Klitschko) very easy. I think, and Roger said too, a short guy with a tall guy is never a good opponent, because they are difficult. It is difficult to hit (the short guy) because he is down. Valuev said the same thing after fighting Haye; he said he never fought a guy like David. David was like me, we are quick and uncomfortable to fight.”

“People say I cannot beat the Klitschko’s because I am too short, that I can’t fight heavyweight. But when I started fighting heavyweight I beat Arreola, and next Grant, and every fight is better. I love not being the favorite because I want to make it a surprise and become the heavyweight champion.”

“I think the worst opponent is a quick opponent because they can do anything. I am faster than a big heavyweight. My legs are very good. This is not the street, it is the ring, whoever is the smartest will win. I will show my class on April 9th and win.”


How Manny Pacquiao Helps EsNewsReporting Correspondent TontonPapaTV Avoid The Police

Our correspondent in the Philippines, TontonPapaTV hit the streets of Manila to talk to people about the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

In the process he was stopped by the police. Check out the video to see what happened next.


The fight between Pacquiao and Mosley is going down May 7’th and will be on ShowTime PPV.

You can find TontonPapaTv on youtube/TontonPapaTV

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