Mares vs Agbeko Don’t Blame Oscar

Abner Mares beat Joseph Agbeko in a fight that lasted 12 rounds. Many people think Agbeko was not treated fairly due to what looked like low blows from Mares.

In fact, some online users were mad at Oscar De La Hoya. Check out this EsNewsReporting video.


Mares vs Agbeko Controversy

Mares is the new IBF champion after beating Joseph Agbeko in a controversial 12 round majority decision victory.

Agbeko’s corner is mad because had the ref deducted even one point for a low blow, it would’ve been a draw. On top of which, one low blow was counted as knockdown, which cost Agbeko two points. Ref, Russell Mora, was interviewed by Showtime’s Jim Gray about below the belt issues. Gray asked Mora if Mares would’ve won the fight without his help. Mora said from what he saw live, it was right on the belt. Showtime made the ref watch the “low blow” punches in replay. Mora responded by saying that he sticks to his decisions by not calling them “low blows.” Showtime’s Gray called the ref out and said “you’re way off.”

When interviewed, Mares said he didn’t land any low blows and is open to a rematch. Agbeko on the other hand said he got over 20 low blows. Gray of Showtime told Agbeko that he agreed with him. Agbeko said he demands an immediate rematch. Agbeko’s team said they’re reaching out to lawyers.


Mares vs Agbeko: Round By Round

Abner Mares vs Joseph Agbeko- IBF world championship

Round 12: Agbeko coming in strong. Al Bernestein says it’s the worst ref he’s seen in 15 years, by not calling the low blows. Mares looking good. Both fighters give it all they got. The fight goes to decision. Agbeko’s corner says “ref  is in the hot seat.”  Agbeko’s corner is furious right now. Agbeko trying to lung toward the ref- because of anger. Mares performed very well- overall. Majority decision goes Mares- as he becomes the new IBF champ. (more…)

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Maybe Mayweather’s Menace Masks Mounting Mortality

Maybe Mayweather’s Menace Masks Mounting Mortality

Mayweather vs Ortiz

Too experienced or finally just too old and jaded?

There was a moment during the HBO Face-Off between Floyd Mayweather & Victor Ortiz with Max Kellerman that I was struck by the marked change in Mayweather’s tone, his aura even, disparate from anything I’d previously witnessed of the uber confident pound for pound perennial boxing virtuoso. Hard as I attempt to I struggle to articulate meaningful the epiphany dawning on me as I sat there viewing Mayweather give Ortiz the entirely expected verbal schooling – he was different, more, more… Senior?

mayweather ortiz

Is Floyd Mayweather on the downside of a legendary career? Is Ortiz the fighter destined to expose his diminished capacity inside the squared circle?


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