Does Manny Pacquiao Do Steroids

While visiting the IFC gym in Van Nuys, California,young fighters were asking if Manny Pacquiao does steroids. Check out this EsNewsReporting video.

Bernard Hopkins: Doing What Foreman & Hagler Never Did

Bernard Hopkins is being honored by Ripley’s Believe It or Not. He’s having a wax figure made of him. Hopking talked to EsNewsReporitng about the honor by saying “Nobody has done it before. Great George Foreman never done it, he’s George Foreman. Hagler never done it, and I get a chance to be embraced by them… it sets the bar so high.”

“When you have the knowledge and the body, even though you have a number on you, that’s something you’re all taking notice to, that’s special.” Hopkins adds, “Youth always beats the old, but when you have the old with wisdom, but not old as far is his body, even with the number 46, you have something different,” Hopkins said about himself.

James Toney: Michael Irvin Gives “Brothers” A Bad Name, Calls Him Out For Doggin’ Mayweather

In this EsNewsReporting video, James Toney reacts to the comment NFL great Michael Irvin recently made to us about Floyd Mayweather. Irvin told EsNewsReporting that Mayweather “gives brothers a bad name.” Toney said, “With a stature like Irvin, to say something like that, it’s crazy, it ludicrous. If he feels that way about Floyd, he should keep it to himself.” Toney also said, Irvin should be the last one talking, “all of the stuff he did in the past, he gives brothers a bad name.” Toney didn’t stop there, “Irvin is whitewashed…it’s a two way street…Floyd is Floyd. I love Floyd, we grew up together.”

Click here if you want to see the video of Michael Irvin talking Mayweather.

Growing Up With Brandon Rios

In this EsNewsReporting video we find out what it was like to grow up with Brandon Rios.

James Toney: Kimbo Is A Joke, MMA Fighters Are Scared To Get Hit

Boxer James Toney is not impressed with Kimblo Slice’s latest performance where he knocked out James Wade in 17 seconds. Toney tells EsNewsReporting, “Wow am I suppose to be impressed”. When asked how fast he would knockout Kimbo, he said “same” or “even faster.” Toney also added, “He’s an MMA fighter and MMA fighters are scared to get hit.”

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