Floyd Mayweather Killing His Sparring Partners

EsNewsReporting has some insider information from Floyd Mayweathers camp. Apparently, Mayweather is really on fire as he prepares for his fight against Victor Ortiz on September 17th. Its appears Mayweather is destroying his sparring partners. Also, a source close to the camp tell us Mayweather recently got into a fight with his father, Mayweather Sr.,after he asked him when he’s going to fight Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather almost kicked his father out of the gym.

P4P Crown: Episode 3, The Sergio Martinez Reality Show

Boxing champion Sergio Martinez is one of the top boxers in the world today. He’s right up there along Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. He’s also one of the first boxers to have his own reality show. Check out the third episode brought to you by EsNewsReporting.com


Lionel Messi: Argentina’s Other World Beater

Lionel Messi: Argentina’s Other World Beater

Lionel Messi: Soccer’s Pound-For Pound #1 

Sergio Martinez is not the only Argentine who has established himself and continues to establish himself as a talent of global & era defining significance within his sport. The similarities between the story of Martinez & that of Barcelona’s football (soccer) superstar Lionel Messi don’t end with their supreme abilities within their sporting disciplines. Both Sergio & Lionel came of age professionally outside of their homeland – Messi moving to Spain & the Barcelona Youth Academy before he was a teenager & Martinez last going into professional combat on home soil way back in 2002.

lionel  messi PES 2011

Lionel Messi is a soccer dream machine. Here he is on the cover of PES2011.

Eerily too, perhaps, this is not the first time Argentine can claim to have arguably the world’s premier fighter & footballer simultaneously. Give or take a year the same was perhaps possible to argue in the late 1970’s when Carlos Monzon held court as the dominant middleweight of his era & the coming of the great Diego Maradona was already in the pipeline with his professional debut coming in late 1976 as a 15 year old phenom. Both Monzon & Maradona’s lives went on tumultuous & in the case of the former fatal paths from that point. Again herein lays a serendipitous trait between the two current top dogs – Messi & Martinez – both, in stark contrast to their chaotic living predecessors are supremely humble, well grounded & clean living individuals. (more…)

Amir Khan: Maidana Paid Guerrero To Not Fight

Golden Boy Promotions say the fight between Marcos Maidana and  Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero if off.  Golden Boy said, “Disappointing news this morning. Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero injured his left shoulder training at Big Bear yesterday.  He hoped it would be better this morning.”

However, it didn’t get better. In fact, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer said during a morning conference that , “Robert will be MRI’d and evaluated as to the extent of the injury today.”

“We just got a call at 9 am telling us about the injury.  Everyone is extremely disappointed. We hope to learn today about the extent of Robert’s injury and how long he will be out of action.”

Amir Khan says there was no injury

Boxing champion Amir Khan took his Twitter @AmirKingKhan, saying he thinks Maidan paid off  Guerrero not to fight.

Sergio Martinez: Freddie Roach Knows I’ll Beat Pacquiao

When it comes to being the pound-for-pound king of boxing, Sergio Martinez, is right up there with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Sergio Martinez Boxer

Sergio Martinez wants to fight Manny Pacquiao

Martinez wants a fight with Pacquiao, but fans say Pacquiao is just too small for Martinez who fights at 154. However, that’s the same weigh class Pacquiao fought at when he  won his  8th title.

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