Ref stops fight after 9 cotto wins

Cotto vs Margarito rd by rd updates.

 As EsNewsreporting was first to report Margarito comes out in braids. This fans are pumped up.

RD 1 BELL RINGS – cotto lands a punch the crowd goes wild. Cotto moving alot has the backing of his fans who cheer him for every move. Cotto landing jabs on margarito’s face. Crowd at MSG on theri feet

 Rd 2 Margarito moves in cotto lands a bomb. Crown goes wild. cotto more active. margarito moving in cotto moves out of way but get tapped.

Rd 3 cotto moving a lot margarito landing body shots. cotto answers 20,000 on their feet. Mar4garito has a cut by his eye.

Rd 4 cotto working and running. margarito lands some big bombs. fans yell cotto.

Rd 5 cotto movng a lot trying to get out of margarito’s reach. cotto lands a combo. cotto rock margarito. end of rd 5 crowd cheers.

Rd 6 cotto lots of motion he must have watched manny vs margarito. margarito catches cotto lands some bombs. cotto answers with power shots of his own. fighters seem to be headed up.

Rd 7 both fighters very active. cotto not standing still. cotto trys to land a punch after the bell rings crowd go wild. dr is checking margarito’s eye, to see if he can see,

Rd 8 is nose to nose fans yell cotto. time out by ref to get cotto’s glive tapped. cotto rocks margarito crown goes crazy.

Rd 9 cotot landing more shots. good round for margarito. cotto answers margarito shakes his head.

ref stops fight right as rd 10 was about to start

Mares Does It

Abner Mares takes care of business as he faces Joseph Agbeko for the seocnd time

Rios Stops Murray After a Real War

Brandon Rios and John Murray mixed it up for 11 rounds until Rios stopped Murray.

Crowd boos mexican national anthem, and cheers for cotto.

Rios vs Murray Round by Round Updates

Rios vs Murray Round By Round –

Stay tuned for all the updates as the fight is about to start.

Crowd boos as the call out Brandon’s name.

Rd 1 – Rios looked focused so does Murray. Bofighters working the jab. Both fighters exchanging. Crowd yells cotto. Lots of action in round 1.

 Rd 2 – murray comes out swinging rios adjusts. Brandon landing upper cuts. More exchanges. Murray active but brandon answers back.

Rd 3 both fighters going nose to nose. Brandon  lands many shots but murray keeps on coming. crowd goes wild as they show cotto on big screen.

Rd 4 rios and murray keep going at it. this is an action packed fight. Murray ends round strong.

Rd 5 lots of exchanges. This is a war. both fighters giving their all.

Rd 6 rios stars strong lands a few big upper cuts. murray trying to tie up rios. Brandon has murrayin the corner.  murray backing up. Big round for ruos  he knows it as he walks to the corner with a smile.  

Rd 7 murray starts strong. both going at it, with less than 30 seconds left reff takes a point away from murray for low blow .

Rd 8 both fighters lands big shots. murray doing lots of grabbing.

Rd 9 murray putting on the prressure. has a good round.

Rd 10 Brandon in control of most of the round. murray showing sparks here and there but is in this fight.

Rd 11 riso takes over stops murray with 54 seconds left in the 11

Margarito Fans Rock Mexican Flag at MSG

Antonio Margarito has his fans at the MSG

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