What Do Hornets Fans Think?

Esnewsreporting shares it’s thoughts on the controversy circulating the NBA trade between Chris paul, Lamar Odon, and Paul Gasol

Amir Khan vs. Floyd Mayweather

Esnewsreporting talks about the possibility of Amir Khan facing Floyd Mayweather Jr. May 5th But In order to do so he must first get through Lamont Peterson.

A Russian Fighter Arrives At The Robert Garcia Boxing Academy

Robert Garcia tells Esnewsreporting about the new Russian fighter who arrived at the Robert Garcia boxing academy

Robert Garcia Is Happy To Be Back In The Gym

Robert Garcia Tells Esnewsreporting that he’s happy to be back in the gym working with his fighters.

What Was The Best Esnewsreporting Video Of 2011?

Which do you “the viewers” of Esnewsreporting believe was the best video of 2011

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