Josesito Lopez Message to Canelo Alvarez: Im Ready!

In this ESNEWS video we talk to Josesito Lopez.

Josesito Lopez Working The Heavy Bag

Josesito Lopez is getting ready for Sept 15 fight vs Canelo Alvarez.

Jose Lopez Working Out With Henry Ramirez For Canelo Alvarez

In this video we visit the camp of Josesito Lopez where he is working with Henry Ramirez for Spet 15 fight vs Canelo Alvarez.




Bernard Hopkins vs. Nathan Cleverly After Cleverly’s Defense?

According to The Sun, Bernard Hopkins flip flopped between trashing Nathan Cleverly and attempting to get a possible fight gained against the WBO titleholder.

According to Frank Warren, Hopkins was one of the names they considered fighting, but Bernard ended up ditching the idea. Later, Bernard Tweeted: “Stop using my name to promote ur BUM title-holder.”

Later, after Hopkins got the scoop on the fact that Warren and Richard Schaefer talked about the potential of this fight, Hopkins Tweeted something completely different: “After your guy fights on October 27, we can get the deal done!”

What this means, is that Hopkins is clearly being kept out of the loop as far as his own career goes, and talks are taking place without him being informed. Having said that, if whatever is being worked out leads to Hopkins fighting for a title, then there is no harm done. As the saying goes, all is well that ends well.

Freddie Roach Wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao on December 8

Before writing this particle, I myself doubted just how accurate it is. But in the end, news is news, and it’s my job to let you guys know what various sources report.

This was posted this very morning on a very popular Russian boxing news website, and it is of a recent interview of the writer with Freddie Roach.

“Bob Arum confirmed in a conversation we had yesterday, that there are negotiations currently taking place with team Mayweather Jr. about making the fight. I think that this fight must happen, and it would be better if it happened in December. I think that the outcome of these negotiations will have to wait a few more days,” stated Roach.

I am a little bit confused. First of all, I assumed, just like most others, that Manny has pretty much decided on an opponent, and his this next opponent will meet Manny in Las Vegas on December 8, 2012. I also assumed based on dozens of recent reports and statements from team Marquez, that their fight is 95% done deal.

Either Freddie Roach just slipped and said something that he should not have, or the writer had misunderstood him over the phone. Is Freddie Roach pulling our tails? Are there negotiation going on behind the curtain? Is it possible that Mayweather Jr. is still an option for Manny this year?

I guess as Roach has suggested, we keep waiting, as we have been doing for years.

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