David Tua Back In The Summer

Boxing is all about opportunities, and for David Tua, another one is knocking on his door.

According to TVNZ news, Tua has a new promoter and financial support to get back into the ring against Shane Cameron, and fight his way to the top once again.

“We think David Tua, when he’s fit and healthy, is a force to be reckoned with.”We think he’s still got a lot to offer and whoever we put him in the ring with, he’ll knock them out. He had a couple of issues after that and tried to take on one or two things by himself – we think we can add the support structures around him to allow him to be the fighter he can be. If David needs the money, well good luck to him – we’ll pay what it takes. From the meetings we’ve had with him, he seems in an amazing space. He’s happy and smiling, and busting his butt to get back in the ring,” stated Duco of Duco Events.

“Top 10 is realistic. David, when he’s healthy is one of the most devastating punchers in the division – maybe of all-time. The job is for David to get fit and healthy, and then step in the ring around June or July and knock out whoever’s in front of him,” concluded Duco.

While I am glad to hear that Tua is doing good and is content with his life, coming back to boxing will not yield a positive outcome. I understand that everyone needs money to support their families, and so does David, but being realistic is important for him and his team. Yes, back in the day, Tua was a freight train, with a punch that if landed, would send anyone through the ropes. This was a long time ago, and getting back to the same physical conditioning, well it’s simply impossible now. Tua is not only much older, but with that age ring rust typically sets in much deeper.

Getting to being in the top 10, as Duco suggested and hopes for, is very unlikely. Although I have to say that a fight against Fury, Helenius, or even Hauye doesn’t sound all that crazy, but only if Tua can prove to himself that he is truly in great shape and ready for a 12 round action packed fight.

I was always a fan of Tua, as he displayed pure power and determination, and so I am curious to see how he does in his comeback fight. Hopefully he can get his body and mind into the right shape for the ring again.


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Freddie Roach: “I told him that I think he should come back around September and he agreed with me.”

It appears as though Manny Pacquiao has decided to listen to Freddie Roach and is taking time off from boxing until September of 2013.

“April is too soon after a knockout like that. We spoke about his next fight. I told him that I think he should come back around September and he agreed with me,” stated Freddie Roach in a recent interview.

When that time comes, I have a feeling that he will once again meet his all time rival Juan Manuel Marquez for the fifth time. While we all know that Marquez’s wife does not want him to fight again, he will. Marquez is a fighter, a breed of a man that born for boxing, and it is the only thing that his heart knows. With a tremendous paycheck attached to the challenge and the love of the sport, Marquez will cross those ropes again.

“The way I look at it, I don’t see doing it before September because with the election in May you can’t do a June fight. I don’t want to do a summer fight, and so September is the best possible day. And because Marquez is Mexican, we can do it on Mexican Independence weekend (mid-September),” said Bob Arum.

Looks like Arum is convinced that Marquez and Manny are going to be each other’s nightmare once again, and is talking about the fight (date, location) as if it’s already being negotiated.

I assume that fighting Marquez is now Pacquiao’s main priority, as he needs to put the knockout to rest by returning the favor. Even if the Mayweather Jr. fight had come up and was a viable option, still Pacquiao would pick Marquez, and this would be the right choice in my opinion.


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Would The “New” Marquez Do Better Against Mayweather Jr. ?

Based on the Juan Manuel Marquez that you saw fight Pacquiao for the fourth time, do you think that another fight against Mayweather Jr. would end in a different fashion?

Marquez looked extremely sharp and much stronger in the ring that night, and it’s possible that his punching power was much improved. Was Marquez fast and strong enough for Mayweather Jr.?

There is an entire army of boxing fans out there, convinced that the new Marquez would be able to handle and beat Mayweather Jr. had they fought again. I am not all that certain that the result would differ. While Mayweather Jr. wins due to a spectrum of things, including his amazing defensive ability and his blazing speed, still primarily he does so well due to his ring IQ.

Marquez, in my opinion, has one of the highest ring IQs in all of boxing, and his ring experience is second to none. Still he would be lost against Mayweather Jr. because Floyd tends to evolve with the fight, meaning that once his opponent decides on a strategy, it’s instantly learned and taken advantage of by Floyd.

Correct me if I am wrong, but there was an interview with Marquez a while back, where he stated that he would not want a re-match against Mayweather Jr. I don’t remember who interviewed him at that time, but I remember reading it. If my memory doesn’t fail me, it seems as though Marquez is not only inside the ring, but makes the right decisions outside of it. But that was then, what about now?

Do you think Marquez would want another fight against Mayweather Jr. instead of Pacquiao if the opportunity presented itself? If so, would it be a smart move?

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Will You / Should You Buy The Mayweather Jr. vs. Guerrero PPV?

As expected, the Mayweather Jr. vs. Robert Guerrero conversations and arguments are picking up. This is not at all unusual, and as a matter of fact, fan based breakdown is the biggest part of the fight promotion.

As I was browsing various boxing forums, there are generally two main topics being argued at this point in time: one is that Mayweather Jr. picked another easy to win and pointless fight, and another is whether people will buy this PPV. Both are interesting questions, and while one is an easy the other one is a little trickier.

Did Mayweather Jr. pick the easiest fight? Probably one of the easier ones. While I hear a lot of people saying that he ducked Canelo to fight an easier opponent in Guerrero, I would easily make an argument that Canelo has not proven anything close to what Guerrero has achieved thus far in his career. What makes Guerrero less of an opposition than Alvarez? Nothing at all, as a matter of fact ring experience is the only way to beat Floyd, and Alvarez is way too green in that department.

The delicate question is whether you will be paying for this PPV?

It seems that most people out there are set on not purchasing this PPV as they see this fight a waste of time and money. As far as this being a given-result fight, I agree. Having said that, when was the last time you said to yourself: “This looks like it’s going to be a truly competitive fight,” when Myweather Jr. was involved?

The reason Floyd picked this fight has to be because of the financial breakdown in his favor. He can pay Guerrero a lot less than Team Canelo would ask for. This is an easy fight with a great payday for Mayweather Jr., and it’s hard to argue against money when it is thrown at you with low risk attached to it.

What a lot of people don’t realize, is that when Mayweather Jr. PPVs are ordered, they are ordered for two reasons: to hopefully see Mayweather Jr. lose the fight (good luck with that one), and the other is to see how Mayweather Jr. will toy and break down his opponent this time around.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sells, and it’s as simply as that. No matter who the opponent is, and where and when the fight takes place, Mayweahter Jr. will sell the fight and bring in record numbers. Will I buy this fight? Well I don’t think I will want to pay $50 for it, but I will certainly pay the $20 cover charge and watch it at a sports bar. I think the fight is worth the money simply because there is a tiny, barely existent chance that Guerrero will catch Floyd, and there is also the likelihood that we will see Guerrero get handed a brutal boxing lesson.

So, will you be buying the PPV?

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