Danny Garcia vs. Zab Judah II Is a Must!

I am not a fan of the “what if” articles, but if the fight was fifteen rounds instead of twelve, Zab Judah might have walked away with a ‘W’ on his record. I know that these types of arguments are absolutely futile, but I guess what I am trying to say, is that I want to see those two fight each other again.

Judah got comfortable and started fighting his fight after he got knocked down, which is something that none of us had expected. As mentioned during the telecast, he usually tends to start fading towards the end of the fight, but against Garcia, he did just the opposite. He not only started landing clean shots, but was avoiding Garcia’s counters beautifully. I guess his new clean family style of life is paying off.

Danny also fought like a champion, and won like one as well. He had the fight his way, and controlled the action during the entire stretch of the bout, even when he himself was being hit. I think that Garcia has yet to show the world what he is capable of, but he needs to clean up his offensive style just a little bit.

Those wide reaching right hand shots would have him in deep trouble if he was fighting a counter puncher like Marquez, Mayweather Jr., or even a former Zab Judah. They reach far, leaning him forward too far, making him very easy to hit for someone quick enough.

It was a great fight, and I believe that Judah ended up a people’s winner as well. He not only proved his heart and determination, but showed that his skill and speed remain steady. The fact that has was able to tag Garcia in such a clean fashion shows that Zab had the timing down towards the later rounds in the fight, and that’s one of the most important things to figure out when facing a power puncher.

I most definitely think that Garcia and Judah need to fight again, and it should happen sooner rather than later.


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Is Stiverne vs. Vitali Klitschko Next? Will He Be Vitali’s Retirement Fight?

Chris Arreola lost his chance to fight Vitali Klitschko, and he lost it to Bermane Stiverne this past Saturday night.

To be honest, I expected Arreola to win, and win big. But instead, I saw a well paced and reserved Stiverne, fighting smart and calm. I never knew Bermane to be the fighter that showed up against Arreola, and as a matter of fact, I see him being a bigger threat to Vitali than Chris would have been.

The question is, will Vitali fight Stiverne sometime soon? Apparently being a mandatory means very little in boxing as far as time is concerned, with mandatory fights being postponed and pushed back all the time. Vitali is not the kind of fighter that tried to avoid a fight, and I believe if ordered, will face Stiverne sometime in September.

As far as the fight is concerned, while I don’t think that Vitali will walk through Stiverne, I do believe he will walk away with a comfortable U.D. victory. Bermane is a bit too slow for Vitali, who constantly gives angles while moving about the ring.

This would be a good fight for Vitali to say farewell to boxing, although if Haye accepts to have a ridiculously small share of the profits, Vitali would probably pick him before retiring from boxing.


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It Is Time For James Toney To Hang Them Up

Now that James Toney has suffered a definitive loss to Lucas Browne this past Saturday night, will he finally realize that it is time to hang up the gloves and find something else to do in life?

Toney had a great career, made waves in the world of boxing, and has seen many a great nights. Unfortunately, time has a tendency to make people slower, weaker, and much less energetic than they may have been earlier in their lives. This point in time has arrived for Toney, and his competitive days are clearly over. Sure he can keep looking for fights that earn him moderate paychecks, but by doing that he would unnecessarily be risking his health.

What do you think: is it time for Toney to hang them up and focus on other things in life?

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Amir Khan Promises To Spend 2X The Amount Of Time Training In San Francisco

Julio Diaz gave Amir Khan a friendly reminder this past weekend, showing him that time spent training and planning needs to be increased; otherwise its rough waters ahead for Khan.

Virgil Hunter, Khan’s trainer has been fairly vocal about his pupil, and had suggested numerous times that Khan needs to spend more time in San Francisco, with Hunter, working on improving his tactical and strategic attributes.

“Right now Amir is at a disadvantage to these other guys who have given him problems because they are with their trainers all the time,” suggested Hunter.

Looks like after Diaz, Amir finally agreed:

“I know there’s a lot of improvement still to be made, but it’s only my second training camp with Virgil. I’m probably going to fly over to San Francisco between fights now and do a mini-camp so we can work on things that need to be improved upon. I’m going to spend more time there. I only train there for the fight at the moment which would only be 20 weeks a year if I fight twice a year, which I’m going to be doing this year because of Ramadan (the Muslim holy fasting month). I want to spend twice as much time over there. The more time I spend with Virgil, the better I will get. I know what mistakes I made.”

In his fight against Molina, Khan looked nothing short of phenomenal, but as time goes on, and the competition gets increasingly difficult, Khan will run into more problems. The best way for his to avoid those, is to spend more time with Hunter, who is based on his star student Andre Ward is a tremendous trainer as well as tactician.

I think that if Amir and Virgil spend more time training and discussing potential strategies, Khan will once rise to the top, but this will take a few years to do. For Khan, fighting Garcia for the second time makes perfect sense, but Virgil might not like that fight to be Amir’s next. Garcia hits hard, and Khan is prone to getting tagged. Thus, it seems as thought team Khan needs to put in some time working on this issue before going after their victor.


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Luiz Colazo: I Would KO ‘Big Head’ Tim Bradley

In this video we talk to Luiz Colazo.

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