Mikey Garcia vs Juanma Lopez Rd by Rd

Mikey Garcia 31-0 26 KOs vs Juanma Lopez 33-3 30 KOs

Rd by Rd.

Juanma Lopez in ring now Mikey Garcia comes into ring fans go wild.

Michael Buffer just dropped the lets get reay to rumble and the fans go wild.

Fans booing Lopez. Fans cheering Garcia.

Rd 1 fans yelling mikey. mikey lands jab. juanma lands a combo. both fighters exchange as rd ends. Rd 1 Garcia.

Rd 2 mikey lands a left. mikey lands a hook. mikey jabs again. mikey lands more shots. mikey drops juanma. 10-8 rd for mikey.

Rd 3 mikey lands another. mikey with another shot. mikey with a 1-2 combo. lopez connects. rd 3 Garcia.

Rd 4 mikey lands big shots. mikey drops juanma again. juanama seems done. mikey wins

Terence Crawford vs Alejandro Sanabria Rd by Rd

Terence Crawford 20-0 15 kos vs Alejandro Sanabria 34-1-1 25 KOS rd by rd

Rd 1 Crawford trying to land. fans loving Crawford. fans yelling Mexico. Crawford moves forward sanabria backs up. Rd 1 Crawford.

Rd 2 Crawford lands a combo. then a left. Sanabria lands a right. Crawford lands an uppercut. both are looking for what would work. Sanabria tries a 1-2. fans booing. Rd to Crawford but was not pretty.

Rd 3 Crawford lands a left then a right. Sanabria trying to land and misses. Crawford gets fans to cheer and he lands a big right. Sanabria answers. Rd 3 Crawford.

Rd 4 Crawford jabbing twice. sanaria hitting low and swings Crawford moves out of way. Sanabria lands a right. Crawford with a uppercut. rd to Crawford.

Rd 5 Crawford with two big body shots.so far this is crwawford rd.

rd six 10 seconds into rd Crawford wins by ko.

Vanes Martirosyan vs Ryan Davis Rd by Rd

Rd by Rd Vanes Martirosyan 32-0 20 kos vs Ryan Davis 24-10-3 9 KOs

Rd 1 Vanes moves forwards dacid back. vanes lands body shot. Vanes lands a right. vans lands a combo. Davis in pink and black socks. rd 1 vanes.

Rd 2 vanes drops david hard. david is up. davis down again. fights ends vanes wins.

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