Average (UK) Boxer Makes £8.02 an Hour

UK boxers on average made only £1.52 more than the UK minimum wage.

UK boxers on average made only £1.52 more than the UK minimum wage.

Value of tickets sold in UK in 2014£28,982,130.95

Value of PPV Buys in UK (for UK shows) in 2014: £21,611,250.00

Value of Sponsorship of Boxing Events in UK in 2014: £6,250,000.00

Sub-Total: Total Revenue from which Remuneration for UK boxers can stem from: £56,843,380.95

Less: Event Hosting & Related Costs: £17,053,014.285

Less: Promoters Take Estimated at 35% of Revenue Generated: £19,895,183.33

Remuneration for UK boxers before outgoings: £19,895,183.33

UK Professional Boxers Active in 2014: 897

Mean Remuneration per Active UK boxer before outgoings in 2014: £22,179.69

This Figure, though, is somewhat misleading given that Carl Froch (as the highest paid UK boxer in 2014) alone earned £9,200,000.00 of that £19,895,183.33 in 2014. If we were to exclude Froch the average drops to:

£10,695,183.33 for the remaining 896 UK Professional Boxers Active in 2014 for an average of just £11,936.59.

This, though, similarly is skewed by the top handful of fighters earning a disproportionately large amount of money. If we excluded the likes of James DeGale; George GrovesTyson FuryScott QuiggKell BrookChris Eubank Jr we are down to pre-outgoing total remuneration of around £5,945,183.33 for the remaining 890 UK Professional Boxers Active in 2014 for an average pay of just £6,679.98 for the full year in 2014.

The minimum wage in the UK for persons over the age of 21 was £6.50 in 2014. This implies on average that any professional who dedicated more than £6,679.98/£6.50 = 1,027.68 hours to their careers were in effect ‘working’ for less than the national minimum wage.

If we assume a non-household name average UK boxer is in training for 34 weeks out of 52 & for 4 days out of 7 when they do & for 3.5 hours (including travel time to & from when they do) we’re looking at an investment of 34*4*3.5=476 hours. This implies a loose mean rate of £6,679.98/476 = £14.03 per hour. Critically though this is before outgoings (trainer’s fee, manager’s fees, cost of brain scan/annual medical checks & taxation).

With 10% going to the trainer & 25% to the manager the remuneration drops from £6,679.98 to £4,341.98 (so low the tax calculation barely merits considering). If we factor in a £525.00 payment out for a brain scan there is but £3,816.98 in net earnings left for the average non-household name UK boxer in 2014.

That is £3,816.98/476 = £8.02 per hour or £1.52 (23.4%) over the minimum wage on a by definition limited (by the nature of available opportunities to fight & the limitations of the human body to some degree) hours contract.


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