What’s Better: 42-0 (6 Titles) vs 8 Titles (8 Divisions)
January 15, 2012 Boxing News

What is more impressive going 42-0 with 6 titles or having 8 titles in 8 divisions.

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  1. I could be biased. Its not an educated question but a logical question? You ask anyone who does not know about boxing, like child. They’ll choose whats popular “undefeated”. Try ask an Arab kid or a Jew. They’ll go for “undefeated”.

    But then you have Rocky Marciano who is undefeated. Yet his not the greatess. The lack of prime boxers in his era. Ask the question again. Joe Calzaghe, JCCJr and Mike Alvarado over Pacquiao. If he answers Pacquiao, then his a hypocrite. What matters really is who? Who were the boxers you fought.

    If Pacquiao fought tomatoe cans and won 8 division titles and Floyd Jr. fought Tsyzu, Cotto then being “undefeated” weighs much heavier.

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