50 Cent and Manny Pacquiao Are Forming A Boxing Promotions Company Together

The following statements made by Michael Koncz published on TheRing are not only intriguing in one way, but are absolutely mind blowing in another. If they are indeed true, there is something very unusual and damaging going on with Mayweather Jr. and his former best friend 50 Cent. What I am talking about, is Manny Pacquiao and 50 Cent forming their own joint promotional company:

“I’ve had several conversations and meetings with 50. They approached us with an idea of forming a joint promotional company. I’ve discussed that with Manny, Manny is excited about it. We have MP Promotions, they have TMT Promotions. I think that it brings a different flavor with the connections that 50 Cent has in the entertainment industry, and with Manny’s influence with boxers in the sport. Bringing that together, I think, is good for boxing. I’m hoping that this weekend we can finalize it,” said Koncz.

This is something that neither you nor I could ever see coming. Is this a slap in the face for Mayweather Jr.? If not, then I don’t know what would be. At the same time, I think that Mayweather Jr. hardly cares about it from the financial standpoint, as his own promotional company working together with Golden Boy, is and always will be a much bigger driving force in boxing than MP Promotions.

Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer said the following regarding TMT Promotions:

“I’ve written two e-mails to 50 Cent’s office asking what, if any role, Mr. Maywather is playing in his promotional company or his promotional team, TMT Promotions, and I have yet to receive any sort of response. Floyd Mayweather’s name does not appear anywhere on the application, only Curtis Jackson’s.”

Does that mean that TMT Promotions was never supposed to involve Mayweather Jr.? Was Floyd only acting as an advisor to Jackson and his new venture? Will Mayweather Jr. be in any way involved in the new promotional company that Koncz was referring to?

“That’s up to Floyd. If Floyd wants to be part of it, Manny’s excited about Floyd possibly joining it. I’ve not had any discussions with Floyd, so I can’t answer for Floyd. The door is always going to be open for Floyd to be a part of this group, because I think that it’s good for boxing,” concluded Koncz.

I don’t know about you, but this is truly phenomenal. Technically, Koncz is not only saying that Manny would love to have Floyd onboard in this idea, but that there is potential that Pacquiao, Mayweather Jr., and 50 Cent could all work together?

Pardon me if I have absolutely no belief in such a thing ever happening. After his falling out with 50 Cent, Mayweather Jr., despite being in absolute love with money, will never join their group. If anything, Floyd might take his time and invest his efforts into making sure that he undermines them as much as he possibly can, and I believe that together with De La Hoya, they can be a vicious enemy for MP/TMT Promotions.

I am curious to see where this goes, and am hoping to get more updates soon.