50 Cent Good For Boxing

The Power of 50
By: Albert Alvarez
50 cent is a genius in brand that is not affraid to shoot. From vitamin water to headphones, everything this man touches is more than likely going to be a successful venture.
50 cent can not lose, reason being because the man cannot accept defeat. He has been through the worst of times and came out stronger than ever because of it. I strongly believe that it’s not until one tastes death and can then spit it out, that one then will become fully awake and will at that time take their first real breath. With multiple gun shot wounds to show for it, and surviving that fire, makes for a very dangerous determined man that will not be denied.
Any person that can start with nothing and make something is going to be a force to be reckoned with. They say it takes money to make money, so if you came into the game with money then you are already half way there. But to come in with nothing and to be able to build an empire, now that is something that you must respect. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, passion, hustle, and fire. So when 50 cent tells us that he can bring us Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, I got to take that very serious because his track record speaks for itself.
Funny thing is that when 50 cent first announced that The Money Team Promotions is going to be entering the boxing world, fans of boxing and fans of hip hop asked me where do I place 50 cent on my greatest rappers list. I found that question to be rather funny, I also found it to be very intriguing. But to kill the fisherman, sometimes you got to get caught. So I then rapidly ran off my top ten, #1- Biggie, #2- Rakim, #3- Jay-Z, #4- Nas, #5- Eminem, #6- Big Pun, #7- Pac, #8- Andre 3000, #9- Kool G Rap, #10- Ice Cube, #11- Krs One, and #12- a three way tie with L.L. Cool J, Common, and 50 cent. I turned my list into twelve or 15  to be exact, and called it my dirty dozen. Truth is, that it just didn’t feel right to not include 50 cent on my list. The fan that asked me that question, was floored that I did not include DMX on my list, he went on to add that DMX is #1 on his list. My answer to him was that DMX would probably be next on my list and call it my sweet 16. Point is that 50 cent came to mind first and felt the need to mention his name.
The question that followed was, if 50 cent is not even on your top ten list, then how can you expect a rapper that can’t crack the top ten on most lists to make an impact in boxing? I then responded that even though, 50 may or may not be on that top ten list, one thing that we can all agree on is that 50 cent ranks #1 as the very best business minded rapper of all time. 50 cent used the rap stage as his platform and elevated his name into a brand. Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Ice T, Dre, and Snoop also created somewhat of an expansion, but none have done it better than 50 cent. It’s like in boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may not be my favorite fighter but the man ranks #1 as the highest paid fighter on the planet. It has been this way for Floyd ever since the Golden Boy exited the sport. It’s because Floyd went out to seek a larger audience outside of his sport. Do you really think that dancing with the stars and Wrestlemania fell in his lap? Of course not, you got to take risks and introduce yourself to other worlds to create a much larger audience.
There is a reason why we will never see another fearsome foursome like Hagler, Hearns, Leonard, and Duran. Those were four great fighters that all fought one another, much like the golden years in rap was in the 80′s, the same can be said about boxing in the 80′s. The sport is no longer about that, it’s much more business minded now. Most boxers are now business men first and fighters second, it’s the way of the new world order. And who knows, maybe Floyd has his eyes set on the Chavez/Martinez winner, or maybe Floyd has a sweet tooth for Canelo, It’s also a possibility that the Cotto fight was Floyd’s last fight.
Most will say, that they do not care to see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao anymore, that the big clash is 3 or 4 years too late. I agree with that, but just like curiosity killed the cat, it’s going to kill me and million others as well. We all know that Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions couldn’t bring forth the mega fight, but I’m sure that Top Rank will see beyond the picture and will see that at this time it is in their best interest to just give in to The Money Team and give us that dream match once and for all.