A Win For Saul Alvarez Opens Many Doors, The Important Thing Is Not To Enter The Wrong One

No doubt that Josesito Lopez entered the ring against Saul Alvarez with a victory in mind. Unfortunately, the much better Canelo has the same thing in mind, and without much effort, at least that’s what it looked like, he closed the deal with a 5th round TKO.

Not only did Canelo come out a clear winner with an impressive statement making conclusion, he also earned that $100,000 bonus that was offered to the KO victor.

Truthfully, I expected nothing less. Since early on this kid was groomed to be a true champion, and slowly but surely, one by one, boxing analysts and trainers started to see a future boxing superstar in him. Thus far, while it is possible that Alvarez is heading in the right diretion, he is not yet there.

A win over Shane Mosley did nothing for Saul, as even before the fight most people were not too sure whether Mosley had anything left in his tank in this point in time. Josesito Lopez is not an A class fighter, and in my book he is not even a B class opponent, but a fifth round TKO is a very good way to move forward in any scenario.

So what will happen now, who should Alvarez be fighting next? I don’t think that listing the possible opponents is necessary, but it is very important to avoid putting Canelo in front of someone who he is simply not supposed to be able to beat.

Don’t get me wrong, the kid is a monster in the ring, and is getting better with every time I see him step in the ring. But let’s not get too crazy and ruin his career by trying to match him up against someone along the lines of Mayweather Jr. and even Miguel Cotto. I am well aware that those are the exact kinds of people thatcampAlvarezhas been mentioning for some time now, but it would spell and unnecessary loss.

I don’t say this because Canelo wasn’t impressive this past Saturday night, because he most definitely was, I say this because his opponent was making the mistakes that others won’t. Styles make fights, and he Josesito a brilliant choice.

Maybe Alvarez should fight Bradley? It would be a pretty good fight with a lot to gain for either fighter. Or better yet, how about Alvarez vs.Martinez? A little weight gain for one and loss for the other and this could be a blockbuster event that would sell out at an instant.

In any case, my congratulations go to team Alvarez, and I am very excited to see how far the ginger kid can go. I assume we are to hear various rumors on his next opponent soon enough, and are likely to see the 22-year-old sensation in the ring sometime early next year.