Abner Mares Talks About Joseph Agbeko
August 5, 2011 Boxing News

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  1. It’s a tentative pick for me on the Mares/Agbeko fight. It’s a pick em’ if you ask me. I have a lot of respect for Mares. Kid’s a very tough and determined hombre and despite some early Darchinyan success, I thought he weathered the storm, showed some real grit and recovered well. However, I think Agbeko has more sound technical skills and if he doesn’t get caught with many big shots, stays focused and fights with steady discipline throughout, then he can outpoint Mares.

    I believe Agbeko’s biggest mistake would be to allow himself to get drawn into a firefight with Mares, but Mares’ pressure may command that of him. If it does then Mares will have the upper hand because he’s an excellent pressure fighter and does well on inside exchanges.

    My pick: Agbeko by SD.

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