Abril vs Bogere Abril Wins After 12
March 2, 2013 Boxing News

WBA champ Richar Abril vs Sherif Bogere.

Both fighters in ring.

Rd 1 Abril smiles. Sharif lands a punch. Fans yelling. Abril lands big shot. Both fighters take a tumble.  Back on this fight is on. Sharif comes forward. Ref calls for time tells fighters to fight.

Rd 2 Sharif comes forward both fighters take a tumble again. Bogere did his homework. Sharif keep pressure on. rd ends fans cheer as sharif throwing and missing.

rd 3 Both fighters letting hands go. close round as both fighters are still looking for ways to make things happen.

Rd 4 Shrif lands some clean shots in this round. Sharif keeps letting his hands go. Ref warns abril fans don’t like it.

Rd 5 Sharif comes forward Abril lands a big shot. Zab Judah ringside yelling to Sharif to use head fakes.

Rd 6 Abril lands a big shot. Fight stops due to a headbutt now the fight is back on. sharif goes strong. Abril lands a shot.  Shrif lands a solid on abril. Abril ends round strong.

Rd 7 ref takes time to tell abril not to hold. Abril landing solid. Sharif lands a big shot. ref warns abril again.

rd 8 ref takes a point a way from abril for holding fans cheer. both fighters have a good exchange. Abril lands a body shot.

rd 9 both  fighters lands some solid shots. this is abrils best round.

rd 10 Abril lands 3 good shots. abril was in control of this rd.

rd 11  Shrif trying to make something happen for himself. Abril moving out of way.

rd 12 ref takes a point away from bogere for headbutt.

Abril Wins


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