Adrien Broner Beats Vicente Escobedo TKO Win Rd 5

Adrien Broner vs Vicente Escobedo

Rd 1 Escobedo starts strong. Broner using right hand to land a few shots. Broner takers over secodn half of round. rd 1 to Broner

Rd 2 Broner showing speed in this rd. Broner landing shot after shot. Escobedo tries to answer. Rd 2 to Broner.

Rd 3 Escobedo starts wells landing a few jabs. Broner going to the body. Rd 3 to Broner.

Rd 4 Broner showing great D looking like Floyd Mayweather out there. This round is all Broner.

Rd 5 Broner all ober Escobedo. Broner working the body and face of Escobedo. Escobedo is bleeding from face, nose. Broner taking over in the ring. Escobedo corner stops fight. Broner wins.