The Mayweather-Prince Naz Continuum & The Problem’s Problem

The Problem: Instant Gratification 

Adrien Broner is a unique talent in a sport whose competitive landscape & global popularity is screaming out for more of them. Along with a handful of names such as Canelo Alvarez, Andre Ward & well & The Problem himself he is universally viewed as a future pound for pound superstar in waiting of the sweet science. The nurturing of his public persona & cultivation of his niche within the sports entertainment ecosystem has taken on an altogether more prominent status in light of recent events.

The sport‘s history is littered with talents whose hype overshot their brilliance prematurely & terminally – a Mayweather/Jones Junior/De La Hoya brand is not constructed overnight & her basis should always be on sporting  achievement coloured by a backbeat of personality & not vice versa.

The creation of a legitimate Pay Per View staple, a star whose drawing power can simultaneously garner the interest of both the mainstream & the hardcore boxing community is dependent on a basis of talent, achievement & intangible x-factor allure is a rare enough event to denote a by name era within the sport. Forcing this upon a by nature sceptical boxing community prematurely is as unwise as it is foolish.

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Matt Hamilton

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