After the Glory

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Matt Hamilton

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Rocky Lockridge

He is perhaps best remembered for handing a then 22 year old Roger Mayweather his first loss — a 98 second knockout. Ricky “Rocky” Lockridge‘s biography is a the ultimate cautionary tale to all millionaire world champions – here was a legitimate world champion who reached the zenith of his profession & then lost it all – badly.

Julio Cesar Chavez, in 1986, called Lockridge his hardest fight to date…

Win 53–0 Rocky Lockridge MD 12 1986-08-03 Stade Louis II, Monte Carlo, Monaco Retained WBC Super Featherweight title.

By the mid-1990s Lockridge was only able to get near minimum wage work, before he was convicted twice of burglary, and ended up serving a 27 month stretch in prison, getting released in July 1999. Unable to find a job after prison, Lockridge returned to his crack cocaine & alcohol addictions and became homeless on the streets of Camden.

Lockridge’s troubles with addiction were featured in detail on the April 5, 2010 episode of the TV show Intervention. Lockridge accepted treatment during the course of the show, and according to the episode has enjoyed a period of sobriety from December 2009 to at least April 2010.

Other Fighters Felled from Grace

Jeff Sims

Sims was arrested at age 21 and sentenced to jail for manslaughter. While in Belle Glade Prison he found boxing. Sims had a powerful punch; allegedly building a prison boxing record of 21-0 (with fully 21 first round knockouts).

Sims knocked down heavy-hitting Earnie Shavers in the first round of their fight on the undercard of the Muhammad Ali-Trevor Berbick fight in Nassau. He won his first nine bouts by knockout and became “famous” for splitting Muhammad Ali’s lip during a sparring match at the 5th Street Gym back in 1980. Ali would go on to grow a mustache to cover up the cut.

Sims enjoyed a hard-living lifestyle not conducive to being a world class athlete & his prime was to be short lived as a result. His ring ability diminished markedly & rapidly. Sims went on to suffer knockout losses to James “Bonecrusher” Smith and Tim Witherspoon.

Sims tried hard to live a straight life after his boxing career. Justice caught up with him in Liberty City, Florida, when he became involved in a heated argument. Sims was shot in the chest and died. This was the 8th & last time he would be shot during the course of his lifetime.

Carlos Monzon

Monzon retired undefeated over the final thirteen years of his boxing career. In retirement from the sport boredom became an issue and so did his mounting personal problems. He enjoyed the fast life until he was convicted of killing his common-law-wife. Monzon would die in a car accident during a prison furlough.

Michael Nunn

In January 2004, Nunn was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison for buying two pounds of cocaine from an undercover agent. He plead guilty to the charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. During sentencing, witnesses testified about Nunn’s drug use went as far back as 1993. At the WBC’s 45th annual convention in 2007, it was announced that “a plan to help two weight world champion Michael Nunn, who is incarcerated and in desperate need of help, will be studied and presented.

John Tate

John Tate picked up a cocaine habit & served time in prison for theft & assault before resorting to panhandling on the streets of Knoxville.