Alexander Povetkin Is Already 60-70% Ready For Klitschko

According to a recent interview with Alexander Zimin, Povetkin’s boxing trainer, the Russian champion is now about 60-70% ready for the toughest bout of his career against the Ukrainian giant Wladimir Klitschko.

“Right now we are in the sparring part of our training. Three sparring partners are currently helping us prepare, all of whom are similar to the size of our future opponent. Two of them came from United States, and one from Romania. Soon another big boxer will arrive to join us in this preparation,” stated Zimin.

I can understand the challenge for the coach and the entire Povetkin team in the preparation for Alexander’s bout against Wladimir. Klitschko is not only a huge fighter, but is also able to carry that size well, making it work to his advantage.

How do you get past Wlad’s jab? How do you withstand Wladimir’s power shots?

While Povektin is not new to the sport and the challenges that it constantly brings, facing Wladimir is not something that he has seen before, or will likely see again during the span of his career.

Being 60-70% ready at that time is good, and being 100% ready come fight night is also expected. Unfortunately there is no percentage of preparedness that will make this fight smooth for team Povetkin. They are in for a test, a dare I might even say, with the entire Russia and Ukraine tuning in to see their fighter fight for his people.

“I think Povetkin is going to struggle with the jab get broken down and stopped in somewhere around the fifth round,” predicted Derek Chisora in a recent interview.

This kind of a fight and promotion is very healthy for heavyweight boxing, as we haven’t seen anything of this proportion for some time now.