Ali vs Frazier 40th Anniversary: What You Didn’t See

It’s a match that many won’t forget! In fact, it’s been called the “Fight of the Century.” Forty years ago today , Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier faced off at the Madison Square Garden in New York. The fight was watched by millions of people, including major celebrities like Frank Sinatra. Frazier who is now 67 years old returned to the Garden yesterday to watch the Knicks and the Jazz. His appearance wasn’t unnoticed. The crowd saluted the legendary champ.

The historic battle on March 8, 1971 , ended with a win for Fraizer. Frazier was 27 at the time, Ali was 29. The fight went 15 rounds, with a unanimous decision. Life Magazine has posted some never before seen pictures of that day – to honor the great fighters.
Check it out.

In this EsNewsReporting video – we talk to Ali’s daughter Laila , who talks about her father and his love for boxing.