Ali’s Brother: He Might Die Within Days

In an article in the British paper The Sun Muhammad Ali’s brother Rahman is quoted as saying that his brother maybe dead within days.

Ali, the boxing legend, is 71 and has been battling Parkinson’s.

Rahman revealed to the Sun: “My brother can’t speak — he doesn’t recognise me. He’s in a bad way. He’s very sick.

“It could be months, it could be days. I don’t know if he’ll last the summer. He’s in God’s hands. We hope he gently passes away.”

Rachman also went on to complain about Ali’s Wife Lonnie using harsh words: “The worst thing to happen is not the illness, but his wife.”

He blames the wife of 26 years for tearing the family apart and said Ali would be “mad as hell” if he knew what was going on.

Here’s an EsNewsReporting video about Ali.