Alvarado vs Prescott Round By Round

EsNewsReporting is at the  MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Here’s the rd by rd updates from the Prescott vs Alvarado fight.

Rd 1 both fighters moving around. prescott landng some big shots. Alvarado moving forwards trying to land shots.

Rd 2 both fighters feeling each other out and picking there shots

Rd 3  Prescott  controling the pace in the fight and is beating burgos to the punch

 Rd 4  Prescott has Alvarado bloodied and hurt. Alvarado face is covered in blood but is refusing to quit. round ends and they still continue to fight in exciting fashion

Rd 5 Alvarado seems to be in control the fight. Presscot has gassed and Alvarado is winning the round. both fighters are trading punches.

Rd 6 Alvarado is showing a big heart by coming back from a nasty cut. Both men are going to war and refuse to quit

Rd 7 Alvarado threw an overhand right and is catching prescott flush. Alvarado and Presscot are going to war in a great fight.

Rd 8 Prescott and Alvarado have slowed the pace of the fight. Both boxers are fighting in the inside, towards the end of the round Alvarado almost knocked Prescott down

Rd 9 Alvarado is outworking  Prescott . Both faces of fighters look identical showing guts and tremendous heart.

Rd 10 Alvarado catches Prescott in a clean over hand right. Prescott legs are shaky and knocks down Prescott Prescott is out in his feat and Alvarado wins via 10th technical knockout

End Result: Mike Alvarado gets a huge win over Breidis Prescott via 10 rd Knockout.