Alvarez vs. Mayweather Jr. and Trout vs. Cotto II? Or Canelo vs. Trout Re-Match?

A tough fight for both men, but Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was able to secure a win against Austin‘No Doubt” Trout via a U.D. with the judges scoring the fight 115-112, 116-111, and 118-109.

The seventh round gave Canelo the unnecessary nonetheless evident boost, as he sent Trout to the canvas. It seemed that Trout was bothered by that monstrous right hand, but was able to recover and continue the war.

This is a huge deal for team Canelo, as they are inching closer and closer to a blockbuster fight. Status is everything in boxing, and at this time, Alvarez has not only bragging rights, but has the required resume to call out the biggest names, and do so rightfully.

Of course a lot of boxing fans have been asking, and are probably thinking about it even more now, if Mayweather Jr. vs. Alvarez should and will even happen. The answer to this question is like a three headed dragon; it has too multiple roadblocks to prevent it from happening.

While it may sound like fanaticism, based on tonight’s performance, the ‘classic’ Mayweather Jr., the one who boxes and moves, would most likely win a landslide decisions against Canelo. Like it or not, this fight, as far as boxing odds and fighting an even opponent, is lacking.

Still, there are a number of good money and status fights out there for Alvarez, and the best one at this point in time, in my opinion, is a rematch against Trout. Both put in a tremendous amount of work, and it was it a great fight for the fans.

For Trout, despite being a loss, it was a show of great performance and heart, and aside from a loss on his record, he should be proud of what he did tonight. Trout deserved a rematch, and I would strongly suggest the fans to support that proposition if it is ever on the table.

If not, Trout will No Doubt find another big fight very soon. Trout vs. Cotto II is not a far-fetched idea, and as a matter of fact, it makes perfect sense. Cotto would gladly take another shot at his victor, and Trout would love to prove to the public that his victory against Cotto was not a fluke, and that he is truly a champion. All that would of course come with a hefty paycheck.

What do you think? Which fights should be pursued by Alvarez and Trout now?

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