Amir Khan Done With Freddie Roach? Looking For a New Trainer
September 3, 2012 Boxing News

It looks as though Amir Kahn’s move to a new trainer has officially begun, which in turn means that Freddie Roach is now no longer part of the Khan team.

“I am 25 and now even at my peak yet. I want to make a few changes and am in talks to change trainers at the moment. I am looking at a few names but I don’t know if they are available,” stated Khan during a recent interview with The Daily Star.

This is technically colossal news, because not only are we going to see a differently coached Khan in his next fight, but Amir actually went ahead and fired Freddie Roach, one of the best and certainly most famous coaches in boxing right now.

This was a very brave move on his part, and I while it is hard to tell what will come of this decision, it certainly shows that Khan doesn’t speak empty works and stands behind his words: he threatened to let Roach go, and seems he just did.

Some would argue this to be a very stupid and dangerous move, while others say that this is exactly what Khan needs to do in order to improve himself as a fighter. Truthfully, it is very hard for me to say that Khan will be able to find a much better trainer, but sometimes it’s not only the technical knowledge that the trainer possesses, but their ability to bond and have a good relationship as a pair.

Who do you think Khan will hire as his next coach? Could it be Steward? Maybe Garcia? Or possibly Floyd Mayweather Sr.?

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  1. Floyd Mayweather Sr.

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