Amir Khan: ‘I’ve Been Managed Right and I Am the Boss’

Just like Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Amir Khan claims he, and only he, is his own boss, and Khan intends on making Khan Promotions yet another driving force in boxing promotions and management.

In a recent interview with BoxingScene, Khan cockily stated the following:

“The fighter has to also remember the he’s the boss, what he says goes. Never feel threatened by the manager saying this or that. You can go out and get any manager you want to. Never be under the thumb or think you work for the manager or promoter, they work for you – don’t let anyone pull you down or control you. I’ve kept my family around me and people I trust. You need someone who will be there for you and maximize your potential. I have made a lot of money. I am only 25 and I don’t think any 25-year-old has made what I’ve made, but that’s because I’ve been managed right and am the boss.”

Khan is certainly very confident, but unfortunately, is a tad too cocky and inexperienced to be anyone’s boss, let alone his own. How can a young fighter like Khan, having reached such impressive feats in boxing, believe that he has done all this due to his own abilities to manage and make important decisions?

He states that he has made a lot of money and that no one else at that age has ever achieved such heights. This was an uneducated and false proclamation by Khan, and I am surprised that he would say such a thing when boxing has no shortage of such individuals aside from him.

Being your own boss requires intricate knowledge of all aspects of boxing management, including financial complexity, contracts, optimal decisions at a given time and the best possible way to market your client or yourself. Thus far, the only self-marketing Khan has done was all self-damaging, and his almost made decision to leave Roach without a replacement in sight shows that he runs on emotion rather than reason at time.

When we talk about some of the things that a boxing champion must possess, mental/psychological health is always at the top of the list. Looking at Amir Khan, I guess now we know what happens to a boxing champion that simply cannot handle a loss, yet is faced with such a task.