Amir Khan On His Keys To Beating Judah

Amir “King” Khan” – WBA Super Lightweight World Champion

Q: How has this camp been?  Has it been better than the past three camps which involved traveling with trainer Freddie Roach (Philippines, Vancouver, Dallas, etc.)?

A: “This camp has been very smooth.  We arrived in Los Angeles before the fight with Zab Judah was officially announced because we knew that the July 23 date was set in stone for my fight.  When Timothy Bradley declined our last offer, we made a deal with Judah and we’ve been focusing on him since early June.”

“Obviously not traveling to the Philippines, Dallas or even Vancouver has made this an easier camp.  There’s obviously less distractions this time.  Although going to the Philippines to train with Manny was a terrific experience; any chance to train with one of the best fighters in the world is always an opportunity worth taking.”

Amir Khan vs Zab Judah: July 23

Q: How is it working again with Alex Ariza?  Can you describe his help in preparing you for the fight with Zab Judah?

A: “I’m glad to be back with Alex, he’s a very important member of the team.  My conditioning for this fight is top notch as he continues to challenge me with various morning workouts and other strength and conditioning routines.  He’s got terrific ideas and I appreciate the variety of what we do on a daily basis.”

Q: How do you feel about the talk coming from Zab Judah during the training camp?  Does it feel like he’s trying to get you off edge?

A: “At first I was a little taken back, but that’s how Zab is.  I don’t take much of it personally.  He’s a terrific fighter with a wealth of experience.  He tried to get under my skin at the press conference and on Twitter, but come July 23 I’ll be able to show the world who is better and that’s all that matters.”

Q: Can you discuss how it feels to return to Mandalay Bay, the site of your 2010 “Fight of the Year” performance against Marcos Maidana?

A: “I’m truly thrilled to be fighting again at Mandalay Bay.  It’s a beautiful casino and resort for the fans and the arena is a perfect place to come and see the fight.  My fight with Maidana was a classic and I look forward to putting on another sensational performance.”

Q: This is your third fight in the United States, do you feel that fight fans and media are giving you more attention and respect?

A: “Fans in the U.S. are very much ‘show me what you got’ type fans, which I like.  I’ve had great responses from fans after my wins against Malignaggi and Maidana and I look forward to continuing to earn their respect.  Same with the [American] boxing writers, they’ve been very fair to me.  That’s all I can ask.”

Q: Generally speaking, what do you think will be your keys to a victory over Zab Judah?

A: “My keys to beating Zab are to stay focused and listen to Freddie’s plan.  Freddie does a great job analyzing my opponents and putting together great plans towards victory.  I’m fully confident that we’re putting the work in with our preparations that will lead to a victory on July 23.”

Freddie Roach, Khan’s Trainer

Q: How do you feel training camp is going?

A: “We had our best day of sparring on Friday (July 8).  Everything is on schedule.  We’ll be cutting down on sparring now; he peaked at 10 rounds.  Now we’re down to eight, six and then four rounds sessions.”

Q: When will you break camp to head to Las Vegas?

A: “We will travel to Las Vegas after training on Monday (July 18).”

Zab Judah hopes to make a statement vs Amir Khan

Zab “Super” Judah – IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion

Q: How is training camp progressing for July 23?

A: “Training camp is going well for me.  We have a lot of fun in camp.  We’re very relaxed, but very focused too.  It’s great.  I really have never felt better.  My weight is great.  It’s been a lot of hard work and dedication and we are ready to go.”

Q: How are you mentally preparing for this fight?

A: “July 23 is about this: What can you bring as far as your skills?  What can you bring as far as your brains?  What can you bring as far as your knowledge of boxing?  What do you [Amir Khan] do when you look across that ring and there’s a hungry lion named Zab ‘Super’ Judah looking you dead in the eye, anxious for the bell to go bing?  You either fold or you play cards.  Me?  I’m going to play to win!”

Q: What is the key to your strategy to beat Khan?

A: “You’re not going to get me to speak about strategy.  We don’t talk about the specifics of what we do; you just need to know that everything we do, we do it hard and we do it well.  It’s all about preparation and we are prepared.  Come see for yourself on July 23, it’s going to be a spectacular performance!”[ad#Google Adsense(BLOCK)]