Amir Khan Promises To Spend 2X The Amount Of Time Training In San Francisco

Julio Diaz gave Amir Khan a friendly reminder this past weekend, showing him that time spent training and planning needs to be increased; otherwise its rough waters ahead for Khan.

Virgil Hunter, Khan’s trainer has been fairly vocal about his pupil, and had suggested numerous times that Khan needs to spend more time in San Francisco, with Hunter, working on improving his tactical and strategic attributes.

“Right now Amir is at a disadvantage to these other guys who have given him problems because they are with their trainers all the time,” suggested Hunter.

Looks like after Diaz, Amir finally agreed:

“I know there’s a lot of improvement still to be made, but it’s only my second training camp with Virgil. I’m probably going to fly over to San Francisco between fights now and do a mini-camp so we can work on things that need to be improved upon. I’m going to spend more time there. I only train there for the fight at the moment which would only be 20 weeks a year if I fight twice a year, which I’m going to be doing this year because of Ramadan (the Muslim holy fasting month). I want to spend twice as much time over there. The more time I spend with Virgil, the better I will get. I know what mistakes I made.”

In his fight against Molina, Khan looked nothing short of phenomenal, but as time goes on, and the competition gets increasingly difficult, Khan will run into more problems. The best way for his to avoid those, is to spend more time with Hunter, who is based on his star student Andre Ward is a tremendous trainer as well as tactician.

I think that if Amir and Virgil spend more time training and discussing potential strategies, Khan will once rise to the top, but this will take a few years to do. For Khan, fighting Garcia for the second time makes perfect sense, but Virgil might not like that fight to be Amir’s next. Garcia hits hard, and Khan is prone to getting tagged. Thus, it seems as thought team Khan needs to put in some time working on this issue before going after their victor.


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