Amir Khan Says Part Of His Decision to Leave Roach Is Freddie’s Parkinson’s

Amir Khan has been on a career roller-coaster in the recent past, but not only due to his losses, but more importantly due to the statements that he makes, saying things that are out of place and could at times be misconstrued as offensive and/or wrong by many.

Recently, in a USA Today article, Amir was quotes as saying that one of the main reasons that he had to let Freddie Roach go, was due to his limited physical impairment:

“Freddie’s illness, it’s very hard to see him as he’s getting older. I believe that he’s getting worse, and I wish him all the best. Freddie is still, with the Parkinson’s disease, doing a great job working the mitts and working with fighters day in, day out. I just believe that I need someone who is going to work me that bit harder and get the best out of me.”

Technically, this could be a valid claim, as Parkinson’s is a very serious condition, which more often than not leads to physical decline. But in this case, I believe that despite the fact that he said it in a fairly polite fashion, Amir went a bit too far. Manny Pacquiao, Chavez Jr., possibly Victor Ortiz, and a ton of other fighters that Roach is currently training, make it very hard to believe that Roach was unable to give Amir proper physical preparation.

Roach believes that Khan statement was simply false:

“If that was true, why would he say to me, ‘Fire Manny Pacquiao and (Julio Cesar) Chavez Jr.’ And they would keep me? . . . It had nothing to do with Parkinson’s,” replied Roach to LA Times. Well, what’s true is true.

At this point it looks as though Amir is trying to do some damage control and provide more reasons for why he lost his fight against Garcia, and whose fault it might have been. Shifting blame is a natural thing for many fighter, and Amir is no different. Pointing his finger at Roach’s medial condition is simply wrong, especially that it rarely gets in the way of his job.