Amir Khan Talks Hunter, Roach, and Hatton

Now that Amir Khan has officially announced and transitioned to his new coach Virgil Hunter, he is excited and ready for change. In a recent interview with SkySports, Kahn talked about Hunter, Roach, and touched on the speculated possibility of a future Ricky Hatton bout.

“I’m going to work on a new defense, new tactics for the next fight and hopefully not make any mistakes. Because at times I get too brave for my own good. I was winning the fight against Danny Garcia quite easily and then I started getting into a fight with him which is not my style really. I’ve got a great offence, but I’ve never had a trainer to work on my defense. I’ve always had a poor defense and I think Virgil Hunter can bring the best out of me, hopefully work on the mistakes I make,” said Khan.

It is true, Amir is fairly good when comes to technical fighting, but the defense is certainly not the best. Whether this is due to Roach’s inability to either pay attention to it or think of it as a critical issue, is hard to tell. Hunter was a fairly logical choice, and soon enough we will all find out whether it was the right or the wrong move on Team Khan’s part. Sometimes a change can turn things completely around in a positive way.

But no matter what, Khan is assured that Roach and he will always be good friends, as Amir understands that the most of his knowledge came from Freddie:

“I’ve learned most of the things I have to from Freddie Roach, he is a great trainer and we are always going to be friends,” stated Khan.

Saying anything negative about Freddie is a challenge, and I doubt there are many people out there who think they can take on that task. Roach is a tremendous trainer, and has done some amazing things with some of his pupils.

When the subject of Ricky Hatton came up, Khan suggested that the fight is definitely possible:

“Definitely it’s a realistic fight, a fight the public want to see, a fight probably Ricky wants also.”

Yes, if both Khan and Hatton dominate their next respective opponents, matching them up would prove to be one of the bigger events we have had in the recent past.