Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina: Who Wants / Needs It More?

For Amir Khan, the boxing gods have been rough. After soaring higher and higher for so long, Khan had reached the very pinnacle of a champion’s respect, only to fall back to the very bottom via a 2 loss streak.

First it was a SD loss to Lamont Peterson in 2011, which was of course a controversial roller coaster for both fighters. In a way, Khan’s loss, despite leaving an “L” on his record, wasn’t all that damaging in the eyes of the boxing fans. Because it was controversial, its validity was almost ignored in the eyes of the people, and Khan’s status was mostly unchanged.

But then came the boom. Danny Garcia took advantage of the overconfident Khan, sending him to the canvas multiple times, just to end the fight with a 4 round TKO victory.

To Khan, whose cocky personal was one of his major attributes, this was a psychological disaster. Talking nonsense, providing excuses, and even leaving Freddie Roach and replacing him with Virgil Hunter, Amir did everything to separate himself from that loss.

Now, Khan believes that Hunter and can will lead him back to the top, and the only way to get this done, is to face Garcia in the ring and claim his crown back. Except that it’s not that easy and certainly not all that fast. Garcia has his own date with a challenge in Zab Judah, thus team Khan decided to comeback with a bang by working out a fight against an unbeaten Carlos Molina (17-0-1).

If this fight means a lot to Khan, than it means the world to Molina. A solid victory over Khan, over Virgil Hunter’s pupil, would send Molina’s stock through the roof, landing him various opportunities for very exclusive fights.

Both fighters will be fighting for more than a paycheck, and certainly both want it real bad. This is not about yesterday, and is not about now; instead it could very well be about the rest of their boxing careers.

On Saturday night, one of the two will be sitting down with their team after the fight and talking about who they want next, while the other team will be discussing what they did wrong and how to recover from their loss.


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