Amir Khan vs. Ricky Hatton Being Talked About for 2013

Slowly but surely, as expected, the talks of a Ricky Hatton vs. Amir Khan fight have already began surfacing. According to the Daily Star, Khan’s manager Asif Vali not only thinks that this fight is inevitable, but if actually came to fruition it would sell out the 100,000 seats at Wembley.

“It would be huge. It would be a massive super fight. I’ve spoken to Amir about this and, while he and Ricky are good friends, he knows boxing is a business. They could put their friendship to one side for 12 weeks to prepare for such a big fight. With Ricky coming back, people will inevitably talk about a fight between him and Amir and whether it will happen. I’m sure Ricky will be asked that question at his press conference on Friday and if the opportunity for them to fight arises, then who knows? He’s still young, he’s 33, he’s still got it. He’s got that enthusiasm back. Mainly, that’s because he is training the young fighters at his gym. That’s fired him up and helped him rediscover his hunger again,” stated Vali with what seems to be an overflow of self-assurance.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, none at all, that this would be one of the hottest selling fights in a very long time. It would enthrall the British fans as well as general boxing enthusiasts right off the bat. Both men would have a lot to gain from a victory in that fight. Hatton is back and wants to experience the feeling of winning another mega fight once again, while Khan is a young confident champion who wants back to the top after losing his fight to Danny Garcia, thus this fight would be all fireworks.

Of course everything depends on what happens in the next fight for both boxers. Both Khan and Hatton have to score an impressive win over their opponents in order to jump straight to their match-up. If either is involved in a lackluster performance, the potential of creating the proper buzz for their fight instantly diminishes, but doesn’t disappear altogether.

If Hatton comes back and is in the same fighting shape as he was before being handed the brutal KO by Pacquiao, I think Khan would have to work very hard for his paycheck. Hatton was never the kind of fighter that would either take a break or fight in a defensive manner. He would keep coming all night, and with that, I think he would take most of Khan’s shots. The only way for Khan to control that kind of Ricky, is to fight backwards. Could Khan do that?

Well apparently Amir left Freddie to look for a new trainer that would impart more defensive wisdom onto Khan, thus we might be in for a surprise when the new Amir Khan takes the stage. Of the younger champions, Khan is surely a tremendous fighter with a lot of potential for even more growth. As much as I can envision him losing his fight against a well trainer Ricky Hatton, I can see Khan knocking out his countryman even more.

I guess only time will tell, as I am fairly confident that this fight will happen sometimes sooner rather than later.