Andre Berto May Be Fighting This November For A Title! Maybe Robert Guerrero?

Andre Berto has always been a fighter that carries a decent amount of interest and excitement. For a while there, boxing fans expected great things from Berto, many predicting him to possibly be the next best thing.

Then in April of last year, Berto suffered a loss to Victor Ortiz, losing his perfect record. As if this wasn’t bad enough, his recent troubles with being accused of using performance enhancing drugs sank his career even further into the unknown.

At that point in time, it was hard to tell what kind of future the Haitian-American champ would be able to make, and whether he would be able to recover from his career damaging occurrences.

We have now heard that Berto is back, and is ready fight yet again. Losing is not an option, and winning has to be achieved in the most impressive of fashions.

According to his recent Tweet, Berto answered a few questions on the following way:

When’s your next fight?? >> Looks like early Nov.

Who are you fighting? >> Can’t tell u but will say it might be for another title.

Look like not only is Berto coming back this year, but thanks to TMT Promotions, he might even get a title shot. What does that mean? What it means, is that hypothetically, he might end up facing Robert Guerrero, or at least that’s what I think may happen.