Andre Berto Test – Too Early To Jump To Conclusions

Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto are set to fight June 23 at Staples Ceneter. Today it was reported that Andre Berto tested positive for steroids. Without knowing the details it’s too early to jump to conclusions. One person who is offering an explanation is Victor Conte.
On his twitter @VictorConte he writes:

This shows that VADA is highly effective. I encouraged Andre to enroll in VADA & he comes up positive. An investigation is being conducted

‏My understanding is that Howard Jacobs has been retained to represent Andre in the case & he is doing an investigation & will make statement

Several hundred positive tests for nandrolone. I don’t believe they are from using it with intent to cheat. Always from trace contamination. Lots of uneducated people. Nandrolone is the longest lasting steroid known to man. No athlete would ever use it with intent to cheat.