Andre Ward Proves That Boxing Is Still An Art
September 9, 2012 Boxing News

What exactly happened last night? DidDawsonunderperform and had underestimated Andre Ward? Or is Andre Ward really that good?

I don’t know about you, but of all the young fighters that could possibly be the next big thing, Ward has to be the first in line. Truthfully, I expected Ward to win the fight, but I never though that he was going to beatDawsonin such a dominant fashion.

If there was a plan that night for team Ward, it had most certainly worked. Not only did it work, but the way it was executed was beautiful. In other words, last night, Andre Ward proved that boxing was indeed a form of art, and not just a sport where one guy hits another.

For Ward, all the doors and all the windows are open. He can now, as a superstar, go any route that he desires. He could stay and defend at 168lbs, or he could move up in weight and try to push his dominance with the bigger boys. With the way Virgil Hunter has been coaching and progressing his pupil, there isn’t much doubt that Andre has a very exciting future in boxing ahead of him.

As far asDawsongoes, unfortunately, despite the fact that I like him and that he is a tremendous fighter, he did not show anything of value last night against Ward. He looked slow, tired, and most certainly defeated. I am not sure where the road will lead him now, but maybe he could tackle Pascal once again, or try and get a fight against Kessler. At this point, he needs to start somewhere close to the bottom and slowly move to the top, proving over and over that he is still a capable fighter and a driving force in boxing.



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