Andre Ward vs. Chad Dawson Prediction

So here we are, just days before Andre Ward and Chad Dawson cross the ropes and face each other in the ring. This in my opinion, is not only a hard fight to call, but is also the toughest challenge that Ward has had thus far in his entire career.

Of course as a fighter with a (25-0-0) record, claiming that Ward is at any kind of disadvantage would be a bit naïve, but facing Dawson with his own impressive record of (31-1-0) should not turn out to be an easy night for Andre.

Dawson’s only loss against Jean Pascal in 2010 was true and fair. He looked fairly off that night, and his loss stays with him. Having said that, I am confident and am sold on Dawson as a fighter who not only improved, but shows real heart when he steps inside the ring. His victory over Bernard Hopkins should never be overlooked. Beating a fighter with a tremendous experience and unparalleled ring IQ is a feat to be proud of.

Dawson, generally, likes to take the fight to his opponent. If attacked, he gladly stands his ground and fight back. When being fought against with caution, Dawson presses on. This I think would be the part that Dawson might not have the handle on this time.

Ward is a very careful and smart fighter; he can crate distance to think, and can close in and fight on the inside in a very unique fashion. When on the inside, his style is very hard to learn and is thus far unpredictable. Sure there must be a good strategy to beat the guy, but it has not yet been utilized.

I can see this fight going either way, but if I was forced to choose, I pick Ward to win by U.D., with a smaller lead on points than some believe it will be. If there is a knockdown or a knockout, Dawson will be the man standing.

What will it be?