Andre Ward Want’s Carl Froch, Even If In The U.K.

Could it be, that Andre Ward is now one of those fighters that opposition tries to avoid for as long as they possibly can without losing all credibility? I think so!

Carl Froch, one of the very few fighters out there who, in my opinion, pose a very real threat to Ward, is certainly avoiding Ward by facing Mikkel Kessler instead. Not to say that Kessler will turn out to be a cakewalk for Froch, but the difference in the significance of the two fights is colossal. Kessler is just another fighter, and could no doubt make it a fun night for the fans, but Ward is highly rated pound-for-pound champion, thus simply getting another shot for Froch is an opportunity in itself.

Ward wants the fight, and has voiced this on numerous occasions:

“I would love it. I think Kessler and Froch are made for each other. But I don’t think either one of them wants to fight me. I think they should stop misleading the fans and be honest. Neither Hearn nor Sauerland have made us and offer here in the States, or anywhere else in the world. Pick up the phone and make us an offer if you guys say you want this rematch. If you’re that confident in Froch, pick up the phone,” stated Ward in a recent interview.

I find this pretty easy to believe, as facing Ward for Froch and Kessler could spell another loss, thus another couple of years digging themselves out of that loss. Time is money, and the last thing that anyone in the sport of boxing wants to do is waste any of it.

Froch in my opinion is a very talented fighter, much better than I thought he was before the tournament. If anyone could put up a fight and give Ward a run for his money, at this time, Froch is it.

I doubt that the issue is of a financial nature, and if contractually Froch doesn’t want to fight inOakland, or anywhere in the States for that matter, Ward suggests he would be willing to travel:

“I don’t have to do it, so it would be a treat for the UK fans. Froch won’t fight out of Nottingham and that 10,000 seat arena, unless he fights me. I guarantee if I come to the UK, we’ll double that,” suggested Ward.

If Ward comes to theUKand faces Froch, I am petty confident that any arena would sell out in no-time. If Froch gets past Kessler, fighting Ward should be a no-brainer, as there is simply no better fight out there for either man.

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