Andre Ward’s Trainer Virgil Hunter Calls Out Joe Calzaghe
September 9, 2012 Boxing News

After last night’s amazing fight at the Oracle Arena inOakland,CA, Andre Ward’s manager James Prince was asked where Ward will go from here on, and alongside his expected responses, he said something more interesting to BoxingScene:

“If there was one fight that I could make for Andre, it would be against Calzaghe. I would love to make that fight.”

Calzaghe did state a few months back that he would indeed beat Ward if they had ever met:

“I think the way Ward fights would have suited me to be honest. I would have had too much speed and power for him. So yes, I would have beaten him,” concluded Calzaghe.

“A couple of months back Joe Calzaghe made the comment that he would have beaten Andre Ward after Andre defeated Carl Froch in the Super Six. We’ve given Joe the proper respect and acknowledged his legacy for his accomplishments, but if you are going to be minimizing Andre on where he is as a fighter – to make that comment when you are in retirement and sitting somewhere safely in England – if you are going to make that comment, then as a fighter you should come out of retirement andback that comment up,” said Andre’s trainer Virgil Hunter.

Wait a second, is Coach Hunt calling out Joe Calzaghe?

I don’t know about you, but this seems as crazy as it is intriguing. Joe has been out of boxing for a long time now, but it’s not like ending retirements for boxers is out of fashion. If Calzaghe was to comeback, their bout would make an astonishing amount of buzz in the boxing community.

The question is, what excuse would Calzaghe make after suffering a similar outcome toDawson’s?


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  1. what legacy doe’s calzage have/who did he beat.roy jones.when roy was over the hill.where was joe when roy was pound 4 pound.i tell you where him and his dad were waiting for roy to get joe beat a couple of old fighter’s and he and his dad think’s he’s a legend.that’s how good you are joe that these old fighter’s thought that they could beat you.that’s not a complement now it’s your turn joe do you have any keyhony’s or r u the over rated boxer u.s.a. alway’s knew u were.oh i am sorry joe u did beat some sorry fighter what’s his name again ah; no hook lassie.

  2. calzaghe is not chad dawson,calzaghe had speed,power wich is something that dawson lacked and calzaghe wouldnt be weight drained,calzaghe by UD

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