Another Fighter Drops Vlad Hrunov, Calling Him “Unscrupulous”

It appears as thought Alexander Povetkin may have initiated a domino effect, as now yet another Russian boxer has ceased any business doings with Vlad Hrunov.

Grigory Drozd (36-1-0) announced his decision to stop working with Hrunov, saying that the former manager did not follow through on his overoptimistic promises.

Calling Hrunov unscrupulous, Drozd went on to say more about why he no longer wishes to have his name associated with Vlad: “He’s always looking to benefit from everything. If a boxer is no longer interests him, Hrunov forgets about him. Yes, he can arrange a good fight, but his human qualities do not offer respect.”

If things keep going the way they are, Hrunov, once the most popular boxing manager in Russia, will have to look for another line of business. Fighters always look for someone who looks out for their best interest, and once one thing goes wrong, it spreads like a web, causing fighters to think again about working with someone who is there to make a profit without taking responsibility for their client.

On the other hand, as Drozd suggests, Hrunov is able to make fights happen, and for someone looking to get their name more known, maybe Hrunov would be an optimal person to work with.

At this point, Hrunov has jeopardized a fighter’s health, as well as possibly greatly slowed negotiations for another, and both of those things will damage his status in the world of boxing.

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