Antonio Tarver vs Lateef Kayode Draw Tarver Keep Belt

Antonio Tarver vs Lateef Kayode.
115 – 113 Tarver
115 – 113 Kayode
114 – 114 Draw

Rd 1 Good round 1 by Kayode. Being more active. Fans yelling Lateef. Lateef landed a few good right hands. rd 1 to Kayode.

Rd 2 Kayode still more active still landing more. rd 2 goes to kayode.

Rd 3 Tarver landing some shots but Kayode is doing most of the work and the punches. rd 3 to Kayode.

Rd 4 Good round for Tarver was able to land good shots. Tarver gets rd 4.

Rd 5 Kayode and Tarver don’t exchange much, still Kayode comes up ontop. Kayode gets rd.

Rd 6 Good rd for Tarver landing some good shots. Tarver gets Rd.

Rd 7 Close rd. Tarver almost drops kayode in end of rd. kayode survives. rd goes to Tarver.

Rd 8 Tarver once again almost drops Kayode. Kayode stays up but tarver gest rd. Rd to Tarver.

Rd 9 Great round of boxing. Tarver landed great shots. Kayode still in the fight. Rd goes to tarver.

Rd 10 Kayode came back in this rd after a few rounds where he did not shine. rd goes to kayode.

Rd 11 Tarver seemed to have gotten this rd. he did good work. kayode was not very actice.

Rad 12 Kayode has good 12 rd. rd goes to him.