Arum On Maruqez: “Of course he’s going to fight Manny”

Bob Arum of Top Rank is confident that as long as Juan Manuel Marquez stays active in boxing, we will most certainly see another fight between Pacquiao and Marquez.

“As long as he’s fighting, he’s not a fool. Of course he’s going to fight Manny rather than fight somebody for a lot less money,” stated Arum recently.

Logic would dictate that Arum is absolutely right, because it is by far the biggest fight for Marquez, and would undoubtedly present with the highest pay of any other possibilities. Can you imagine if they fought one more time, and Marquez once again scored a sensational KO? That would skyrocket his name to all new highs, and that alone should be a huge enticement.

But knowing boxing, and knowing that a lot of fighters make the choice of taking on an easier, less risky fight, Marquez might actually avoid Pacquiao and fight a few more safer fights. When I say that, in Marquez’s case I am talking about him trying to avoid risking serious damage, as his family has begged him to do. If he decides to oblige his loved ones, he could indeed scrap the idea of a fifth fight, and possibly call it quits.

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