Arum To Negotiate With Marquez Again

Bob Arum is not giving up on the Pacquiao vs. Marquez V, and is planning to sit down with Marquez to do some further negotiating.

“We have to figure what the deal is. We’ll run the numbers. In other words we have to take everything into account and see where the most money is for everybody. It’s obvious more money will be made fighting in the US,” stated Arum in a recent interview.

Based on that statement alone, I assume Top Rank is willing to possibly offer Marquez more money than before, trying to lure ‘Dinamita’ in with the obvious bait.

As I have said before, I believe that this fight will happen, and will happen at either the end of 2013, or early 2014. Everyone wants to be paid, the more the better, and Marquez is not an exception to this rule.

When asked about Pacquiao vs. Rios talks, Arums deflected the entire idea:

“He is not negotiating with me. He is negotiating with Manny.”

To most it may still sounds promising, to me, if not with the blessing from Top Rank, fights against Pacquiao will not come to fruition.

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