Austin Trout: “We can definitely push this little dude around.”

Before making my own statement, I would first like to paste a piece of the Q&A that RingTV held with Austin Trout: During the stare down, did you feel as if you were the bigger man as it appeared? That’s accurate. I am a lot bigger, physically, than him. That was the first time I had been right next to him. I knew pretty much about his dimensions. But seeing it up close, it was funny. But it was cool. We kind of looked at him and we agreed that if we need to, we can definitely push this little dude around. Anything else? Well, I think one of the reasons that he’s going to Big Bear is that he’s seen how big I am, physically, compared to him and that he saw how in shape I was. We had to do the Showtime promo, and whatnot, and we had to do it with your shirts off last Tuesday. I’m not saying that he was fat, or anything, but he did have a little bit of a belly on him.

Ok, wait a second, did Trout just say: “We kind of looked at him and we agreed that if we need to, we can definitely push this little dude around?” And did he mention that Cotto has a “bit of a belly on him?”

I understand that the underdog, heck, both fighters need to talk some trash in order to help promote the fight, but does Trout seriously believe that he can push the ‘little dude’ around? If so, Trout’s night will end in a very unfortunate fashion come fight night. Does he know how many people tried pushing Cotto around? Even Pacquiao, despite winning in a dominant fashion, was unable to ‘push’ him around. Maybe after a dozen power shots to the body Trout will reconsider that statement.

As for the belly on Cotto, maybe this is something that Austin should not be paying too much attention to. I have never, during his entire career that I have watched, seen Cotto show up either unprepared or not in an ideal physical state. Cotto is always at a 100%, ready to go to war.

Cotto’s heart is that of a champion, and this is evident from bell to bell. Don’t get me wrong, I am not dismissing Trout and his own achievements in the sport. I am also not abandoning the possibility that Trout might come out victorious in the most important fight of his career thus far against Miguel Cotto.

What I am trying to convey, is that it would be best to avoid thinking that Cotto is not a world class champion capable of things most are not. Pushing him around will simply not happen. Trout needs to come in prepared both physically and mentally, but be very careful about deciding to be a ring cowboy.