Bob Arum: “It’s Going To Be Like Hagler-Hearns”

“This is ok in an event in the United States. But we’re going to throw huge security around this, because this is not something that is appreciated by the Chinese. I think, that with all this undercurrent that’s going on, it’s going to be like Hagler-Hearns,” Arum recently stated in response to the scuffle between Freddie Roach and camp Rios.

The animosity between the camps has been there since the day the fight was signed. Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza working against each other is an ingredient that is bound to create heat. Not only that, but Brandon Rios himself has been on the defense/offense, showing his strong dislike of the fact that many boxing fans as well as media members have already written him off as nothing more but a sleep chosen for slaughter.

While extra security is never a bad thing, especially when fighting as a guest in someone else’s home, it is doubtful that any more fighting will occur.  Manny Pacquiao as well as Robert Garcia are generally calm and do whatever it takes to avoid conflict.

I would imagine that Pacquiao already had a stern talk with Freddie Roach, just as Robert Garcia should have made sure by now that Ariza doesn’t go too far again. It is not only embarrassing, but can lead to serious issues during the fight itself. Both teams have to try their best and stay away from emotions, as they can easily ruin strategy as well as efficiency between the rounds.

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Michael Koncz Suffers a Mild Heart Attack

According to a recent article by Yahoo Sports, Manny Pacquiao’s long time adviser Michael Koncz has suffered a mild heart attack, but is now safe and out of danger at a Macau hospital.

Koncz has been an integral part in Pacquiao’s decision making for a long time, and has been directly involved in most Manny’s career and life.

Let’s all hope for his quick recovery and the ability to watch his friend and client Manny Pacquiao fight live.

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Guillermo Rigondaux Offers Donaire a Rematch in Miami

Guillermo Rigondeaux

I’m the 122lb king @filipinoflash if u want it come get it #Miami March 2014@HBOboxing @trboxing @CaribeBoxing @LOUISFONSECA #CubanBoxing

The above Tweet was posted on November 9, right after Nonito Donaire finally found his counter punch and was able to successfully stop Vic Darchinyan. At the point of stoppage, Donaire was losing the fight, and was losing it in a very clear cut fashion.

Maybe Donaire aged at an incredible pace, or maybe his heart is no longer intertwined with the sport of boxing. It is also entirely possible, that Nonito was never the fighter that the media as well as the boxing fan base had proclaimed him to be. While it might be premature to guess how Donaire will look in his next fight, based on his last two, the young champion is already in decline for whatever reasons, external or self inflicted.

Rigondeaux offering Donaire a rematch in March of 2014 is a bit comical right now, at least from the standpoint of boxing fans hoping for more competitive matches. Looking the way Doanire did against his second fight with Darchinyan, Guillermo will simply retire The Filipino Flash without much effort while earning a very healthy paycheck.

Will Donaire take this opportunity to face his former victor in Miami? Yes, he probably will, signing himself up for a loss that most boxing fans can already see coming.

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Frank Warren Threatens To Sue Mike Tyson Over “Undisputed Truth” Statements

In an effort to take the huge load of shame and self-hate off his shoulders, and finally come clean about his career and life as the most feared fighter of his time, Mike Tyson may have set himself up for more drama and court appearances.

Mike Tyson’s new book titled The Undisputed Truth, talks about Iron Mike’s drug addiction before, after, and during some of his boxing fights. Apparently Mike used a fake penis filled with someone else’s urine to pass the drug tests.

This information has Frank Warren looking to make some money off the former world boxing sensation, suggesting a possible lawsuit:

“I haven’t seen the book yet, but once I get a copy of it, our solicitors are looking at that, and other things in the book. We will wait and see, but it is obviously very concerning, and if it is the case we’ll be putting that to our lawyers,” stated Warren according to a recent ESPN piece.

It is true that Tyson could have opened a very large can of worms, affecting other people, and possibly setting himself up for a very turbulent future. Still, most have begun getting used to, and enjoying the new calmer, nicer, and certainly very entertaining Mike Tyson.

It would be a shame if this book forces actions that could once again drive Iron Mike to partake in life threatening addictions.

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Amir Khan In Fender Bender, Complains Of Back And Neck Pain

“We was parked up at the lights and a car banged us from behind. He was arrested for being drunk. I cancelled training. Back n neck hurts,” posted Amir Khan earlier today on his Twitter account.

Apparently Amir Khan was involved in a low grade fender bender, but according to his other Twitter posts, he seems to be doing fine. Back and neck pain is not something that generally goes away quickly, and as a matter of fact tends to increase in the days following this kind of injury. Cancelling training is a bad sign, leaving room for too many questions and possible roadblocks to his next fight.

Let’s hope that team Khan is safe and are able to resume their preparations as planned as soon as possible.

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