B-Hop Thinks Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao Is A Waste Of Time

Some time ago, Bernard Hopkins talked about what the devastating knockout that Marquez had delivered to Pacquiao could do to the Filipino champion.

In a recent interview with ESPN,Hopkins once again described the challenges that such a loss presents:

“That type of knockout…that was 10 fights for Pacquiao. The way Pacquiao got hit – he jumped into the punch trying to his Marquez – he was knocked out before he hit the canvas. It takes a lot out of a fighter when you get hit that way. I’ll be surprised if eh fights more than one more time, and it will probably be with Marquez – and that’s the only fight that I can say that he should fight,” stated B-Hop.

This is a hard point to argue either way. There have been too many boxing champions that have gotten knocked out and came back to successfully continue their boxing careers. On the other hand, the physiological damage that a punch like that could cause is also a very real issue. One punch too many is a devastating outcome.

Saying that Manny should retire at this point in time, is in my opinion a bit premature. One loss via a knockout is not an indication to an end, and never has been. Besides, Manny was doing great before he made the mistake that caused him the fight.

As far as the possibility of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Jr., Hopkins was unenthusiastic, stating that the fight has lost all of its appeal after Pacquiao’s loss:

“Who cares now? It would be easy pickings for Floyd Mayweather. I picked Floyd Mayweather to win before the knockout. Now if they fought – which I don’t see happening – Floyd Mayweather would make it even easier than I predicted the first time. Pacquiao jumped trying to throw a left hand and paid the ultimate price. You never throw a punch and leave your feet. He’s not Superman,” saidHopkins.

I have always believed that Mayweather Jr. would beat Pacquiao had they ever fought. I have been criticized plenty for my belief that Mayweather Jr. would have a really easy time, and would win in a dominant fashion.

Having said that, I strongly disagree with Hopkins on the idea that Manny’s loss to Marquez will change his persona or performance. I don’t expect to see a different Pacquiao next time he fights, and as a matter of fact, I would not be surprised if Manny came out more aggressive and more determined to outclass his opponents in the most destructive fashion.

There are those who dwell on their mistakes, and those that learn and treasure them. Manny will not be offset by his mistake, and I highly doubt that he spends much time at all thinking about it and wishing he could go back in time. I think he is a mentally strong man, and should be able to get over it faster than most others.


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