Bare Knuckle Boxing Trying To Make Comeback

New: Bare Knuckle Boxing Website

Team Gunn recently announced the launching of their new website——to spread awareness of bare knuckle boxing and connect fans around the world. 

The mission of the WBKBA—World Bare Knuckle Boxing Association—is to provide BKB fans around the world with the latest news and updates about everything related to bare knuckle boxing. 

“We are the Bare knuckle bible; we are the first website of its kind,” said World Heavyweight Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion Bobby Gunn.  “We want to pay homage to the legendary John L. Sullivan and keep the sport clean and free of the corruption and politics surrounding other combat sports.”


Since Gunn defeated Richard Stewart in August of this year to claim Sullivan’s vacant linear title, bare knuckle boxing has rapidly grown in popularity throughout the fight world.

“Bare knuckle boxing combines the skills and techniques fighters need to excel in the boxing ring with the excitement of the standup aspect of a MMA fight,” said Chris Cella, co-founder of WBKBA.  “Bobby Gunn displayed what an art BKB is in his recent title defense against Ernest Jackson.”

In the fight against Jackson, Gunn showed poise and patience as he slowly picked apart his opponent on his way to winning via knockout.   

“Bare knuckle boxing is not a street fight or an alley fight between two bums,” said Gunn.  “It is a strategic fight that needs to be fought smart, like a game of chess.  You have to be as mentally sharp as you do physically.”

Team Gunn was adamant about creating the WBKBA to create a foundation for everything related to bare knuckle boxing.

“Going forward, the only way we are going to take off with the WBKBA is to offer legit, sanctioned fights to give fighters around the world a chance to shine,” said Gunn.  “I have participated in over 70 BKB fights, but none of them meant anything until my sanctioned bout against Stewart this past summer.”