Bareknuckle boxing Match Between 7 Time Champ Bobby Gunn vs MMA’s Chris Thompson

The highly anticipated bareknuckle boxing match between seven time cruiserweight champion Bobby Gunn and MMA fighter Chris Thompson will be aired live tonight on at 7 p.m. Eastern for the low cost of $10.

Both fighters will be making history tonight as this will be the first organized bareknuckle boxing event since 1889 when John Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain after a 75 round marathon fight to be declared the champion.

“I am very excited for this fight.  Fans watch fights to see guy’s trade punches, and we are going to put on a show,” said Gunn.  “Everything has to have a starting point.  I believe this can be the sport of the future.  It’s the original form of boxing.”

Bareknuckle fighting is nothing new to Gunn, who has over 60 bouts under his belt throughout the world.  Gunn wanted to have a bareknuckle contest with former MMA fighter Kimbo Slice not too long ago, but the fight never happened.  While many critics and skeptics think bareknuckle brawling is too vicious, Gunn assures people that it is quite safe.

“Not only is the bareknuckle match an organized event with ring doctors, it is a fight between two professionals”, said Gunn.  “This isn’t a back alley bum fight or bar fight.  Safety is a big issue, and they have it covered.”

“Many people hear the term bareknuckle boxing and immediately think of a vicious street fight or back alley brawl,” said Gunn.  “This is a fight between two professionals with referees and doctor’s ringside.”

Gunn went on to add that bareknuckle boxing reduces the risk of injury more than traditional boxing and mixed martial arts.

“In boxing a fighter can take a lot of punishment over the course of the fight, and even MMA fighters can take a rough beating before the fight is called,” said Gunn.  “Since we don’t wear gloves, I pick my shots and use a different approach than I did when I fought with boxing gloves.   It’s not about getting in there and wailing on your opponent until he can’t stand; it’s about fighting a strategic match to win.”

Gunn is excited about having the chance to be part of something that can really take off in the world of fight sports.

“The public enjoys watching fights because they want to see two professionals who know what they’re doing stand there and throw hands,” said Gunn.  “I believe that following this first match the sport is going to take off and become huge.”

Bobby “The Celtic Warrior” Gunn has become a recognizable name in the boxing industry due to his heavy hands, relentless drive and ability to put a show on every time he stepped between the ropes.

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